Kepler's Literary Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization dedicated to enriching and inspiring the community through literary and cultural programs. We provide a forum for celebrated writers, artists, and original thinkers to discuss their ideas, insights, perspectives and stories with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

 Event formats include on-stage conversations, interviews, lectures, writing workshops, literary seminars, and community discussion groups covering the arts, culture, science, and current affairs. 

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Speakers Series

Kepler's Literary Foundation offers a nationally recognized program of live cultural and literary events for the general public that covers a range of global and local topics. 

These events feature a wide variety of public figures, including historians, social commentators, scientists and science writers, physicians, scholars, journalists, educators, novelists, chefs, business and technology leaders, and many other subject matter experts from around the world. 

Residents of our community interact with recognized experts face to face and learn from their ideas, insights, and experiences. 

Youth Events

Kepler's Literary Foundation produces literary events at Kepler's and in local schools, including the seven public schools serving East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven neighborhood in Menlo Park. 

The goal of the youth program is to ignite a passion in students for reading and writing.  Outstanding writers, artists, and original thinkers meet face-to-face with students to discuss the importance and power of storytelling.  They discuss what inspires someone to write, how to harness the imagination, and how to create interesting characters in a story.  

These programs encourage students to tackle the challenges intrinsic to their own lives and communities and to find their voice through their own writing.

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This Is Now with Angie Coiro

Veteran journalist Angie Coiro hosts a series of smart, funny and insightful on-stage interviews with notable newsmakers, writers, and artists.

Angie's interviews with Roxane Gay, Jane Mayer, Susan Faludi and more have drawn standing room only crowds at Kepler's and displayed the brilliance behind some of today's top thinkers and new insights into some of today's most complex issues.

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Discussion Groups & Seminars

Kepler's Literary Foundation hosts literary seminars and classes for those who are interested in a deeper involvement with reading and writing literature.

We also organize a number of literary discussion groups every month. The groups are hosted by the staff of Kepler's Books or community volunteers. All discussion groups are free and open to the public, covering topics like Big Ideas, current fiction, Spanish Literature, and more.



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