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Carlo Rovelli with Kishore Hari

  • Burlingame Theater 1 Mangini Way Burlingame, CA, 94010 United States (map)

Kishore Hari, Director of the Bay Area Science Festival, and Carlo Rovelli, internationally bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Reality is Not What it Seems, blur the lines between science and humanity with an exciting evening discussing what continues to puzzle physicists and philosophers alike: our perceptions of the flow of time.

Join us for an evening exploration of time. We are used to thinking of time as something that passes in a one way flow. But what exactly is time? Did you know that time passes faster in the mountains than it does at sea level. That In a physics laboratory, a clock on a table and another on the ground run at different speeds. Which one tells the correct time? In his newest book, The Order of Time, Rovelli claims that this question is meaningless and there is no one correct time. He says that times are legion: that there is a different time for every point in space. But how can that be? And what does that mean for our sense of history and future?

This scientific study of time by Rovelli was plotted in part while he was rereading Proust. Thanks to Stephen Hawking (among others) who have ushered in new metaphors for space and the perception of time, the way regular people interact with the culture of science has been altered forever. Hawking came about in an era when physics was used for bomb building and spaceship launches, and ushered us to an era where physics could be used for philosophy and poetry, all three of which Rovelli is a master of.

Known for his generous open nature, you won't want to miss an event with the man who says about himself: “I’m Italian"... "you can ask me whatever you want.”