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Presenting Noam Chomsky's Requiem for the American Dream

Noam Chomsky isn't coming to Kepler's this year, but we have the next best thing. Join us as we screen segments of Chomsky's bold and uncompromising Requiem for the American Dream - produced in tandem with the book of the same name - and engage in a Q&A with Chomsky's editor and filmmaker Kelly Nyks. We will screen segments of the film chosen specifically for our community by Noam Chomsky himself.  

In a time when our communities are being heavily impacted by an unequal concentration of wealth and power and our nation is at odds under the leadership of an unrelenting demagogue, Chomsky directs his fierce intellect on neoliberalism ideology - the absurd idea that markets should dictate all aspects of human society - and its disastrous consequences on our society, culture and politics. 

Don't miss an engaged and interactive experience with what Chomsky says are his final, long-form documentary interviews.   

**Please note, Noam Chomsky will not be attending this event**