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Your donation will help Kepler’s Literary Foundation bring leading intellectuals, writers, scientists, artists, and original thinkers to our Speaker Series and inspire the next generation of readers through our Youth Programs.

Kepler’s Literary Foundation is is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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KLF provides a vital forum for notable writers, artists, and original thinkers to engage with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Its nationally recognized programs deliver intriguing content featuring on-stage interviews, lectures, panel discussions, writing classes, seminars, and community discussion groups covering literature, the arts, culture, science and current affairs.





Promoting literacy in the Ravenswood Schools

There are book events that celebrate the written word, and then there are book events that change lives. Kepler’s Literary Foundation is a life-changer. I’ve never had an experience quite like the one I had with KLF. This is a program that helps students fall in love with books.  This is a program that turns reluctant readers into joyful ones. And most importantly, this is a program that reaches children who otherwise might not be reached. This is a program where every penny is wisely used and every effort is a labor of love. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
— Katherine Applegate Newberry Award Winning author of The One and Only Ivan

Young readers in the seven schools in the Ravenswood School District are inspired by meeting and hearing outstanding writers and artists discuss the importance and power of storytelling. Books donated through this program ensure that students are able to enjoy access to these exceptional literary works.